Sunday, August 10, 2008

No introduction needed.

Introductions can be so mundane. Impersonal I suppose. Ill give you the quick 411 on what I plan to achieve in this Blog, besides world domination. Clementine is the name, pleased to meet you. 22 years of age, I get better with age. I like to compare myself to 1787 Ch√Ęteau Lafite. Expensive, luxurious and rich with taste. Fashion and good taste are my addictions. Telling it like it is makes my world go round. People who read good books intrigue me. Passe is not always a bad term. I believe that once all the fashionistas are calling something passe, then its time to embrace it. Originality is something you are born with. Good looks can be obtained through many outlets, originality i believe cannot. I promise never to fill this blog with pointless banter that will bore you. Trust me? I think you should.